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N. alata, Sibuyan lowland  This form of N.alata is distinctively different from all others.  From seed.  Sunset colored traps - orange, red, yellow. 8-12 inch leaf span sold out  

N. albomarginata, Penang Spotted, as pictured.   sold out  

N. albomarginata, Kuching Spotted purple. 4+ inch leaf span sold out  

N. ampullaria, Bau All green   sold out  

N. ampullaria, Bau Spotted.   sold out  

N. bellii (red pitcher) This is a dwarf species.  Looks like a mini N. merrilliana.   

sold out


N. bicalcarata, Sri Aman The fanged pitcher plant.  

sold out


N. maxima (Borone, lowland) Easy and very beautiful. leaf span is 4+ inches

sold out

  N. rafflesiana (seed raised) White with delicate spotting, all white, pink wings, each one is unique.   

sold out


N. rafflesiana (#10) When mature, this clone develops a deep rusty reddish-purple coloration with some green flecks.  Typical squat shape with frilly wings, very handsome.


small 4-5 inches

med: 6-9 inches


sold out


N. rafflesiana gigantea (#99) Solid purple/chocolate colored traps, green peristome.  Giant indeed- awesome, beautiful, and scary looking.


sold out


N. sumatrana Huge and fantastic when mature.   

sold out


N. thorelii (d) purple Cute and easy growing. cuttings of select forms coming soon



N. truncata These get huge! Traps are green, with coral/orange flushed peristome.   6-8 inch leaf span (as pictured)

sold out


N. veitchii, (Hose Mtns, highland) Also grows well in intermediate/lowland conditions.  Beautiful peristome!  

5+ inch leaf span


sold out  

N. veitchii (Bau, lowland)  


sold out


N. Viking  (scientific name will be N. globosa)

click here for Viking photo gallery

special Viking Catalog

New! From Thailand.  Grows easily under typical lowland conditions.  The squat rounded traps are very distinctive. Plants for sale are individuals, each with unique characteristics.  If you are looking for a particular trait (or grade A), the price may vary.

6 - 8 inch leaf span 

 sold out




N. cantleyi (natural hybrid of bicalcarata x gracilis) Two color forms available.  Enjoys lowland conditions.  4+ inches

green form

dark purple


sold out


N. 'Miranda' Produces huge pitchers, over a foot long, light green with heavy red streaking and a cherry red peristome. large, each leaf is 12 inches or more

small plants also for sale


sold out


N. thorelii (d) x maxima (l)

(rokko 'Exotica')

Seed raised (all are colorful!).  This is a must have for the collector.    sold out  

N. 'Red Leopard'  (ventricosa x maxima) Easy to grow and adaptable to a wide range of conditions.  Prolific pitchers and striking colors; this cultivar always gets attention. leaf span is 7 to 9+ inches across sold out  


N. 'Judith Finn' (spathulata x veitchii)


Elegant green traps with a ruby red showy peristome.   sold out  
  N. ventrata A great beginners plant.  Traps are elongated, pink, red, coral.  Very attractive and easy to grow. medium sold out