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N. 'Viking' catalog

On this page, you can choose the exact N. Viking you desire.  The photo in the left column is a close up of the pitcher.  The photo on the right side is a view of the entire plant.   

As plants become established in our nursery, we'll offer them for sale.  We have many more coming soon.

These plants are from rhizome division.  The mature characteristics have not yet emerged, you almost need to use your imagination to envision these Vikings at their peak.  Many of these plants for sale are still young. As they grow they will intensify in color and the pitcher size will increase in size, when properly cultivated.  

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What is a Viking?

N. Viking exhibits characteristics desired by Nepenthes collectors.  They have fantastic coloration ranging from pure green to green with pink highlights, pink, orange tones, red and deep red-purple.  The ultimate and rare Vikings are completely oval with no waist rib, and the growers in Thailand have given them the classification of "Grade A".  Vikings with a waist rib are referred to by the Thailand growers as "long neck", and they are not as desired or rare as the Grade A Vikings.  We think that there are some very fine "long neck" forms (Vikings with a waist rib), and the value is in the eye of the beholder.

Vikings are native to only a few islands in the Andamen Sea off the west coast of Thailand and a few spots on the mainland.  The name Viking came from a Thai horticulturalist who was reminded of the essence of the Norse long boats.  The Vikings are a new species (we think it's closely related to N. mirabilis much like N. rowanae of Queensland Australia) and have not been scientifically described. There is rumor that the scientific name will be N. globosa .  These plants exude tropical Asian beauty.  For the horticulturalist or Nepenthephile they are a fantastic find. 

     CLOSE UP OF THE PITCHER                                                               ENTIRE PLANT

1. N. Viking

grade A

Vivid Red

2 growth points:

11 inch leaf span and 6 inch leaf span

sold out



2. N. Viking

grade B


10 inch leaf span

sold out

3. N. Viking

grade B+/A


14 inch leaf span

sold out


4. N. Viking

"long neck"


17 inch leaf span

sold out

5. N. Viking

grade A


12 inch leaf span

sold out

6. N. Viking

grade still unknown/ too soon to tell


3 growth points, tons of pitchers, very vigorous grower

5 inch leaf span

sold out

7. N. Viking

grade still unknown


6 inch leaf span