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Huge, blood red, flowers by the thousands caught our attention as we were driving past this west Florida bog.  At the time these photos were taken the first crop of pitchers for the season were just opening.  These plants are enormous, with traps easily three feet tall.  Although this species is normally a fall pitcher producer, these spring traps were very large and handsome.  Most of these S. leucophylla were red, with the occasional green form. 

Also growing at this site were S. purpurea and S. psittacina. Because of the wire grass, they are hard to find.  This site was soggy, even before the wet season.    

S. purpurea was growing under the grass next to these S. leucos. We observed only one natural hybrid at this site; a single plant of S. x mitchelliana (purp x leuco). 

  These two photographs are actually the same location from two different angles.  The photo above looks pristine compared to the reality shown in the picture below.  Notice the S. leucophylla growing right up to the edge of the road expansion project in this fast growing region.  

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