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SPECIES  - More Coming Soon

S. leucophylla "A" Perdido Fl From our collection.  sold

S. leucophylla Red #1 From our collection.  Pitchers have a sweet fragrance. med division sold out


S. leucophylla 'Clyde's Giant'

Franklin Cnty, Fl

This leuco gets huge and stands out from all the others with beautiful pink coloration. From our collection, originally from Clyde Bramblett's collection. large division sold out

S. leucophylla 'Titan' Fantastic grower pitchers are at least 14 inches tall sold out


S. leucophylla 'Tarnok' This 'White Top' is special because of its double flower. large -12+ inch pitchers sold out  
        S. purpurea Easy, cute, & colorful. small sold out  

S. rubra ssp. gulfensis dark form #1 From our collection, this is a very dark colored form, traps are maroon, and as they age approach black.   Flowers are sweetly fragrant.   sold  


HYBRIDS - More Coming Soon

S. ahlesii #2 (wherryi x alata) A division from our collection.  It's a very vigorous grower   sold  

S. 'Dana's Delight' Hot, hot, hot pink!    small


sold out


S. 'Dixie Lace' Prolific and easy growing cultivar.  small sold out  

S. 'Georgia Peach'

Natural Hybrid Camden  County, GA                          minor x (minor x psittacnia)???

Looks like a dwarf, red minor.  Small grower, but always puts on a show.  Flowers are peach colored. small division

blooming size divisions sold out

sold out



S. 'Judith Hindle' Traps are dark purple as they mature, this plant has the best traits of all the plants in its background. medium sold out  

S. 'Ladies in Waiting' A beautiful cultivar. med division sold out  

S. 'Manny Herrera'

Natural hyrbid Washington Cnty Alabama

One of the finest cultivars.   sold out  

S. mitchelliana #1 From our personal collection. Pitcher is very upright and has a beautiful open fan-shaped lid.    sold out  

S. moorei #1- natural hybrid of (flava x leucophylla) From our personal collection. Red flower. med division sold out  

S. moorei #2- natural hybrid of (flava x leucophylla) From our personal collection, this is a spectacular form of the natural hybrid. Yellow flower.  A must for the collector. small

large blooming size division

sold out



S. Natural Hybrid from Yellow River, FL (rubra x gilpini)

gilpini=nat. hyb. of psittacina x rubra

Dark purple hoods.  This is the mother (pod parent) of 'Diamond Head', 'The Brute', 'Snake Charmer' and other siblings.  One of our favorites.  med/lg division sold out  

S. readii #1 Alabama Red -Natural hybrid of (leucophylla x rubra) A division from our collection.  Pitcher color changes through the season; from hot pink to maroon/black/red. large sold out  

S. 'Scarlet Belle' (wrigleyana - Natural hyb of psittacina x leucophylla) One of the finest S. wrigleyana.  This one is a showstopper! small


sold out