Sunbelle Exotics, Inc.      

Specializing in Nepenthes and Sarracenia




Sunbelle Exotics, Inc. is owned and run by Michelle and Trent Meeks in Boca Raton, Florida.  We are a very small nursery specializing in exotic carnivorous pitcher plants and orchids.  We are especially excited about spreading the word on pitcher plants, because we find them to not only be horticulturally beautiful subjects, but a fascinating example of the extreme diversity within the plant kingdom.


Trent has been around orchids since childhood, both his father and grandfather were orchid enthusiasts.  John, Trent's father, still maintains an impressive collection today.  Through the years, Trent learned from many different orchid growers and breeders, delving deeply into intricate details of orchid culture.  Today, he still continues to keep informed on the latest advancements in horticulture.  With many mentors, combined with self education, he had the foundation of knowledge to be a superb grower.    It was not until Michelle entered the picture that a private collection of pitcher plants and orchids became a business.  

Michelle quickly picked up on the different types of orchids and carnivorous plants because of constant exposure to Trent's collection, as well as meeting and learning from other growers.  Previous to Trent's influence, she had believed she had a black thumb and was the kiss of death to anything green, but now she is the "plant Mommy", nurturing everything from the most exotic pitcher plants to common yard plants.  She learned the essentials of horticulture almost intuitively. Daily, Michelle maintains the collection and nursery stock on a plant by plant basis; she is the head grower. 

Working together as a team, they are dedicated to raising the finest pitcher plants, orchids and other unusual tropicals.