Sunbelle Exotics, Inc.      

Specializing in Nepenthes and Sarracenia

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Florida Nursery Registration # 47233994

ORDERING & SHIPPING INFORMATION                              

There is no minimum order.  Special pricing may be considered for larger orders, at our discretion.

Shipping and packing charges are not included in the price of the plants in our catalogue.  These charges will vary depending on the size, weight and destination of the order. 

Please allow us to send you a proforma estimate via email that includes shipping costs.  Do not pay for your order without a final total amount due from Sunbelle Exotics, Inc.

Sorry, no orders outside the United States and territories.  Arizona residents: add $50 for phytosanitary certificate.

All credit card or bankcard payments are through PayPal.  Please email us (  for details on shipping and handling costs.  Prices are in US dollars.

Shipments go out normally within 3 business days after receiving payment.  Payments by check may take longer, we will not ship until the check clears the bank.  Delays are possible in late fall and early spring due to cold weather.

We do not ship during winter unless you are in a geographical region safe from damaging cold weather.  We will ship within Florida year round, weather permitting.

All plants are shipped Priority Mail. 

No C.O.D. shipments.

Rest assured that your plants will be packed with love and care.  Most plants are shipped out of the pot, unless you request otherwise. 

DISCLAIMER:  Sunbelle Exotics, Inc. cannot guarantee the productivity of any plant once it has left our cultural conditions.  All plants sold are inspected for health, and are free of diseases.  We cannot be held responsible for the health of plants no longer in our care. 

If the plants arrive damaged, please notify us immediately by email. 

There are no refunds on plants as they are living organisms and thus perishable.  Return damaged plants immediately and they will be replaced.  Return shipping is at your expense. 

None of the pitcher plants offered for sale have been dug up or removed from the wild.  All Sarracenia are grown as container plants on benches to meet the highest horticultural quality standards.